Monday, November 11, 2013

Knife Wielding Chef Chases Dine & Dasher at Chiba Sushi in Canada

Chiba Sushi, Victoria BC.
A sushi chef from Victoria, Canada's Chiba Sushi was not about to let a dine-and-dasher get away with his crime: according to the Vancouver Sun, Ivan Eng chased a man down the road who skipped out on his $64 check "for several minutes" before the police intervened. Oh, and he was carrying his sushi knife the whole time.
Eng chased the man, who turned out to be a serial offender, for a few blocks, telling passing cars to call 911. Police apparently told Eng that next time he should not bring the knife with him when pursuing a criminal, which is probably a good idea. Eng told the Sun he "trusts [the thief] won't come in for dinner again."

Sushi chef Ivan Eng prepares food at Chiba sushi in Victoria on Thursday. Eng chased down a customer who skipped out on a $64 bill and chased him for seven minutes down Gorge Road while telling passing cars to call police.
Photograph by: Adrian Lam , Times Colonist

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