Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art In The Yard - Melrose, CA Nov.9th, 2013

Nothing beats living in California. Well that is unless you live somewhere better like Turks & Caicos or have a never-ending supply of wealth that allows for you to travel the world whenever the mood calls for it. But back to beautiful always sunny Southern CA where the food is incredible, the artwork that adorns the walls in the streets is astoundingly beautiful and the people are as eclectic as you ca get. 

This weekend in Los Angeles at The Fame Yard on Melrose (two doors down from Sportie LA & Space 23 (one of the flyest art galleries in town that supports more than just traditional Graffiti artists) will be hosting “Art In The Yard” which will showcase the skills and talents of artists such as Hex TGO who will be doing a huge memorial wall to Sk8 One. Other notables on the scene doing their thing live for the people will be: Gregory Siff, Andrea Lahue, Proto1 and many more as some of Los Angeles’ dopest DJ’s select only the freshest cuts to liven up the evening.  

Check this event and get familiar with its curators Eddie Donaldson & Adrianna Schutz as they will be hosting some of the flyest events in the near future that are always for a good cause and more importantly keep graffiti alive and moving forward. Much Love & hope to see you all out there.

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