Thursday, June 13, 2013

The LA Street Food Fest will be taking place June 29th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, You Better Be There!!!

Lets the games begin, the players through for there is no mistaking Los Angeles love for street food. OK, OK yeah that sounds like some attempt at a rap, but no that is just us stating a mere fact. This year the 4th annual Los Angeles Street Food Fest will be taking place Saturday June 29th at the World-Famous Rose Bowl in beautiful, historical (and centrally located off a few different freeways) Pasadena, CA. 

There is still plenty of time to buy tickets so that you can come out and experience first hand some of the best food, drinks, snacks, treats or whatever you wish to classify it as, that you will ever lay your foodie fingers on. 

We will be on hand providing you with photos, reviews and quotes from actual attendees so make sure you check back with us often. 

Doing what they do best for all of us looking to stuff our faces this year be nig names such as Bling Bling Dumpling, Ceviche Project, Currywurst, Dog Haus Dogs, Fris Restaurant, Jalisco Mobile Taco, Maestros Sausage, Mama Musubi, Mexikosher, Skys Tacos, Sushi Roku,Wicked Kitchen, 9021Pho, Chunk –n Chip, Fluff Ice, The Beignet Truck, our favorite bakery Sugar Fix from Pasadena, Honest Tea, Coba Aguas Frescas, Milagro Tequila, Sailor Jerry Rum, Singha, The Coffee Bean, Krave Beef Jerky and so many more we cant wait for you to get there and peep the goods for yourself.

For more information on who will be serving up the delights that make us roam the street at night (ok here we go again) as well as the quality cocktail and libation makers on hand check out

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