Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Butter & Bigotry - Paula Deens Catches Hell For Racist Remarks

I wasn't really sure what to think about all of these stories coming out about Paula Deen, but to say I was shocked would be a lie. Over a year ago stories began surfacing that Deen’s establishments tolerated racism and hired mainly Caucasian employees which caught our attention for multiple reasons. A major influence in daytime television for god only knows why, Paula Deen made millions of dollars over the last few years by promoting unhealthy recipes, opening restaurants across the country and by hiding the fact she was a complete racist piece of shit. 

Racism or intolerance of any kind is a subject that sickens us to our very core, strictly because of the innocent bystanders who are hurt by the perpetrators of these cowardly acts. Paula Deen and her handlers knew what kind of views she had on racism and for their even allowing her to run her mouth in that manner are rightfully deserving of the treatment they are receiving at this very moment. Quickly distancing themselves from Deen, both Caesars and Food Network (Scripps) took the correct stance on her bigoted views by shuttering her co-branded restaurants and canceling her shows. 

Racism is a sickness in a way, you must be a sick puppy to really think that you are any better than anyone else on this planet simply because of your skin tone. It will be interesting to see if she fades into obscurity or if she will fight to make a comeback. Let us be honest, there are still a tremendous amount of racist people who would be more than happy to give her a platform to further push the envelope of her unhealthy, heart stopping, diabetes promoting, racially motivated remarks and recipes for the next few years simply to make a buck and divide the nation.

We at The Supreme Plate are far from tolerant when it comes to racism and sexism and are interested in hearing from our readers how they feel about this story as it unfolds.

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