Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Backyard Boogie (Tools To Make Your Next BBQ A Complete Success)

When the Summertime temperatures begin to soar from coast to coast and the wild outdoors (or even the backyard) begin to beckon to your senses with the great smell of BBQ and timeless music, you know only great times are ahead for the next few months. Whether you plan on hitting the beach for some daytime fun in the sun or taking the family on a vacation for the week or two, there are a few tools that everyone should check out to help enhance the entire experience. 

The great smoky smell of grilled food permeating through the air as grown folks sip on expertly blended cocktails while their loved ones tear up on their toys is what life is all about. The backyard boogie in a sense, is what we are all about. Whether it be in the heat of Summer or the dead cold of Winter, we can always be found out and about in the backyard, grilling something for the family or working on a recipe we just cant get enough of, in the backyard it will be perfected. 

That being said lets check out a few new grills and accessories that will liven up any function in an instant. Play some great music, enjoy some great drinks & food and whatever you do, take pictures, because these are the moments you should want to recall down the line.

Let the games begin because Summertime is in full swing. 

Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition - $299 - $500 or
Take your smoking/grilling experience to the next level with The Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Charcoal/Wood Grill and Smoker. Featuring approximately 962 sq. in. of cooking space, welded heavy-gauge steel construction, smokestack damper, and an adjustable side air vent to help regulate heat and smoke. The Trailmaster is great for everyday grilling or large gatherings where you can smoke juicy tender meats of any kind, or fire up the charcoal/wood grill and maximize the flavor of the choicest cuts of meat.

Gibbs - Quadski HSA - $40,000
This is what $15 million dollars and 2 million man-hours spent doing exceedingly extensive research can result in when you put your mind, heart and soul into a dream project. Geared towards individuals and families who have an affinity for the outdoors, the GIBBS Quadski High Speed Amphibian is an incredibly built machine that allows riders to go from tearing up trails too racing across lakes in 5 seconds or less. 

The Quadski weighs in at 1,300lbs and is powered by a BMW four-cylinder, water-cooled, fuel injected engine that is capable of going 45mph on both land and water.

Available in 5 colors (blue, red, yellow, silver & black)

The Quadksi isn’t some gimmick that will quickly come and go, the 2 visionaries behind this project have invested enough time and effort to make sure they corner a market, before the market truly even exists.

Weber - The Performer® Platinum Charcoal Grill - $369
With Spring & Summer right around the corner, perfecting your BBQ skills early could not be any easier with a bit of help from the good folks over at Weber.
Weber’s newest top of the line (in the series) charcoal grill features a Touch-n-Go™ Gas Ignition system that ignites charcoal briquettes with the push of a button a feature that is perfect for those of you out there who fear setting yourself aflame during your next back-yard function. 
The Platinum grill has durable wheels, a sturdy work-side table and features two CharBasket™ Fuel Holders so running out of coals should never happen. 
Available in black, brick red, dark blue & green.

Weber – Spirit SP-320 - $699
The Spirit SP-320 Gas Grill features a stainless steel shroud, stainless steel cooking grates, 424-square inches of cooking space, a warming rack, three burners, a fuel gauge and a condiment rack. You can keep your entire family entertained for a good amount of time with all of that cooking space. To top off this powerhouses amazing capabilities, the Spirit SP-320 also includes a dedicated 12,000 BTU-per-hour side burner to help keep just abut anything warm while your doing your thing on the grill.

Weber Meatball/Slider Rack - $35
With everyone and their mama going crazy over sliders, you can never make enough at one time, the problem is when on the grill, no one wants to stand there and flip all those little burgers so eventually someone gets a burned one. With Weber’s new stainless steel two-sided rack that holds up to15 meatballs or eight sliders, getting perfectly grilled & once flipped only sliders has never been easier.

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