Friday, January 25, 2013

The Yolkr™

Separating egg yolks from the whites can sometimes be a messy task that can result in broken yolks and raw egg covered fingers. Seasoned chefs can even tell you that sometimes the old egg just doesn’t break how it was expected too and that can cause a problem in recipes and diets where either the yolk or whites needs to be omitted. Well in steps a handy little gadget that will help to alleviate all of your egg working woes and its name is Yolkr™. Made from high-grade toxin-free plastic that is dishwasher safe, this a cool toy to have in the house so that people can be amazed at all the fun stuff you own and they don’t.
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  1. I have been cooking breakfast since i was 10, but just learned how to not burn an omelette. So, that is plenty of eggs cracking.