Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chilosa Hot Sauces, Ubiquitous Heat & Flavor

Saying that we have an affinity for hot foods would be downplaying our fondness for all things hot & spicy. I know many people out there feel that a hot sauce is a hot sauce, but real spice heads know the truth. And that truth is that the importance of the flavor far outweighs the significance of the fire. When you get your hands on a hot sauce that literally can be applied to anything you don’t want to let go.
ChilosaHot Sauces just so happens to be one of those brands.

Whether your looking for something good to go on that Carne Asada Burrito, some Black Beans & Rice or even your slow smoked Baby Back Ribs, Chilosa Hot Sauces pack that perfect ratio of heat to deliciousness, you know where you feel the burn, but still get to enjoy the deep smoky flavors. Its really that good. We used the Green Hot on a recent batch of Tamales and couldn’t stop pouring it on our Carnitas batch.

Other favorite recipes we found ourselves addicted too in our test kitchens after getting the 3 pack of Hot, Green Hot & Real Hot was to make Eggs Benedict in the AM and Veal Parmesan in the evening for that perfect balance throughout the day of heat and great grub.

Chilosa is made from all natural ingredients so you know you can’t go wrong there. Available in a 3 pack or for individual purchase this great Hot Sauce is another American Made gem that needs to be spoken about.
If you have a friend who considers themselves a spice junkie or hot food lover, this is the ideal gift to grab them for their next birthday, simple and to the point it says you care about what goes into their bellies and nothing says love more than that.

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  1. hot sauce is the thing that brings the food out.