Wednesday, January 16, 2013

African Rhino Peri Peri Sauce

January 16th marks National Hot & Spicy Foods Day. One of our favorite things to do on this day is to try out different sauces we have never seen or had before and working them into some of our classic recipes. One of our latest finds was African Rhino Peri Peri Sauce, which is made using exclusively grown peppers directly from Botswana & Mozambique. 

Made by the good folks over at the Kalahari Pepper Company, this sauce can go on just about everything from seafood to poultry and beef. We use it in our Huevos Rancheros & as a dipping sauce for our hot wings, which we will be doing in abundance this coming Super Bowl and you should too.

Check out their site for more info:

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  1. Im there. Good food, good game, and great sauces.