Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burger King To Hold An "All You Can Eat" Buffet (In Japan)

Burger King Japan, home of the famous Kuro Burger (or Black Burger) is now announcing they will have an “all you can eat buffet” to highlight they have been open for 5 years (since the closing all of their locations in Japan in 2001.)

We stumbled upon the rules to just how hard it actually will be for many people to get a chance at the all you can eat buffet, and can only laugh at how companies will do whatever it takes to deceive their customers to make a buck.
Peep the “official” rules after the jump.

How to Get All You Can Eat Whoppers at Burger King Japan
1: Your trip to Burger King in Japan must be between November 17 and 21 at any point between 2:00PM and 11:00PM.
2: You must order, and pay for, a large Kuro Burger or black burger meal deal.
3: After consuming the entire meal and bringing the empty wrappers up to the counter you may now begin to enjoy your “all-you-can-eat deal” (what part of the game is that?)
4: You are then given a half hour (30 minutes for the slow folks) to eat as many Whoppers, fries and sodas you can choke down. Additional rule to step 4 that they sneak in their on you, the half hour starts from the time of the receipt for the meal deal you paid for. So don’t eat your first burger slow or your basically screwed.
5: If you are caught cheating (sharing your all-you-can-eat deal with a group for example) they'll charge you for all the food and hang you outside the restaurant. Ok so they won’t hang you, but these days you never know what someone might do for a cheeseburger and some fries… Times are hard.

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