Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bonne Maman Golden Plum Mirabelle Preserves

Anytime of day where you can sneak in something sweet is the right time of day in our opinion. Knowing that what you are about to eat isn’t loaded with manmade additives should help you avoid having to furtively consume something in the dark corners of your home or office. It has been said that the most important meal of the day is Breakfast, which has been proven to be true by numerous Dieticians, Doctors and Weight Trainers. 
The reason for Breakfast being such an important meal is because it helps to kick-start your bodies metabolism and provides a much needed boost of energy after “fasting” all night while sleeping. Studies also show that individuals who routinely eat breakfast have a significantly higher chance of losing weight and maintaining that loss. That being said, we don’t want you to run out and start eating a steady diet of pancakes and sausage just because it is breakfast food (although that does sound good as it gets colder outside.)

We'd much rather like to introduce you to Bonne Maman® makers of some of the finest traditional French Preserves & Jellies found around the World.
Bonne Maman® is a brand who strives to provide their customers a product that is made from only the most superb of select ingredients. Producing a wide range of flavors from strawberry and apricot to the latest addition to the already impressive lineup Golden Plum Mirabelle, Bonne Maman® is a premium brand that should be on the kitchen table every morning next to your bagel or toast. 
If we haven’t convinced you to start eating a healthy breakfast every day, then try the Golden Plum Mirabelle Preserve out as a glaze on that roasted Holiday Ham you should be making in the near future or on some Seared Duck Breasts, you will be amazed at how complex flavors like these can turn a regular weeknight meal into some extraordinary.

All Bonne Maman® products are 100% natural, using only fruit & natural sugar with no additives, artificial flavors, colors, and are Gluten & Nut Free, so enjoy them today.

Available at finer stores or online at: (usually for less than $5.00 for a 13oz jar that’s pretty impressive)

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