Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take A Walk On The Wild Side, With Cafe Well

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Imagine this – a corporate wellness program called Race to the Moon, that aims to get members more fit and active by walking or running through offering free wireless pedometers, which tracks the steps of the user and rewards them for milestones and total steps. 

Talk about a program that actually would work as evidenced by the 50 Million steps counted by the pedometers in use, in just under 1 month. Here is basically what the participants are saying: “This race has opened my eyes to a second chance at life. This is where we turn things around, this is where we get off the couch and go outside to enjoy what Nature has to show us. In a day and age where every penny needs to be saved, and Gym memberships are quite pricey, I am happy to see something that inspires me to go outside and work out, which costs absolutely nothing at all.” A huge helping factor to the success of the program is that it is hosted by the social network, Café Well and sponsored by HealthAmerica, Race to the Moon represents a new breed of invigorating workout plans that are fun, cost effective, that actually work and most importantly rewarding to the user.

By leveraging the power and support of social networking with incentives and fun, statistics show that people are inclined to get up, go outside and workout. By going to Café Well, you can help promote wellness in not only yourself but your friends and loved ones. Race to the Moon represents a new way of thinking in regards to getting ones life back on track. Something we all could use. Anyone and everyone can join by checking out Café Well, so take the time to go on over to their site and show them some love. 

We even have been kicking the idea around about signing up and hosting our own interoffice walk-off to see who does the most steps in a short period of time. Who knows I may even feel generous and give the winner something fresh from the review vault, full of unseen products and gift certificates. Either which way it works out, walking, working out and eating healthy are 3 keys to a healthy long life. Café Well promotes that and much, much more by giving you advice on how to work out, where to work out and everything else you will need to help you get your body back into the shape you’d prefer it to be. 

This post brought to you by Cafe Well.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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