Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicago Metallics Betterbake Nonstick Low Fat Meatloaf Pan, Changing The Way Meatloaf Is Made Forever.

Meatloaf. Just the word alone when dropped in a sentence can either make people smile or evoke painful memories of burned, bland lumps of tasteless ground meat, seasoned and filled with things only God could tell you what they are. 

Not everyone can make meatloaf that is a fact, but with the help of one small tool (and a good recipe) all of those years of overly dry or worse, soggy meatloaf can quickly be forgotten.
The good people at Chicago Metallic have once again created a stress reducing, time saving product that is sure to elevate any home Chef’s abilities quite a few notches.

Let us be honest with ourselves, it really is not that hard to make a great meatloaf. The problems really come from either over working the meat prior to putting into the pan or from cooking it in something that provides uneven heat disbursement as well as leaves no where for that nasty grease and oil to go once it is rendered from your meat of choice. 

With the purchase of the Betterbake Non-Stick Low-Fat Meatloaf Pan, any previous problems attempting to make a decent Meatloaf, will become distant memories.
Its reliable Non-stick coating, will allow your loaf to be retain its shape should you chose to remove it from the pan before serving instead of sticking to the pan and breaking apart. 

The greatest part or parts about this Pan, are the perforated, elevated insert that allows the grease to drain away as the meat cooks, leaving the meat juicy, healthy and most importantly healthy.
With a 10 year warranty and priced under $15.00 at retailers everywhere, this pan is a Gem and should be owned by anyone who fancies themselves as a Home Chef.

For more information on the Betterbake Non-Stick Low-Fat Meatloaf Pan or any of the fabulous baking utensils created by the great minds at Chicago Metallic, please check out their website:

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