Tuesday, August 16, 2011

National Rum Day: A Great Reason To Celebrate

Rum, the great distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by products such as molasses and sugarcane juice, is one of the greatest distillated drinks known to mankind. With the majority of the world’s Rum production being done in and around the Caribbean, many notable brands and flavors are produced in various countries around the world creating some significantly deep and unique flavors found in a bottle.

Countries such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Philippines produce the most notable flavors found on the market today.  A complex beverage that has both fueled many a wonderful evening and raging wars over its production and distribution, this drink earned itself its very own National Holiday. Ladies and Gentlemen please give a warm welcome to National Rum Day!

Depending on where and when the Rum was produced you will find a wide variety or terminology used to describe what is inside the bottle.
Light Rums, also referred to as Silver and White Rums have a very light and sweet flavor and serve as a great base for cocktails. Light Rums are sometimes filtered numerous times to remove any color. Light Rums are commonly used in cocktails whereas golden and dark rums are often consumed straight or used as flavoring agents in foods and desserts. Rum plays a major part in various cultures found throughout the World, especially the West Indies.

Gold Rums, also known as Amber Rums, are generally aged Rums that were aged in charred white oak wooden casks, and have a stronger flavor than a Silver or White Rum, but are not too overpowering.

Spiced Rums obtain their flavor through numerous different flavoring processes depending on the manufacturer. Mostly darker in color and based off of Golden Rums, the better or more noteworthy brands avoid the cheap process of starting with an inexpensive White Rum and adding Caramel Color to enhance the final products look.

Dark Rums, also called Black Rum are stronger than Golden Rums, and are usually produced in the Caribbean Islands. They are spicier and stronger and most commonly used in cooking. Nicaragua and Guatemala produce two of the most award winning Rums in the World: Flor de Cana and Ron Zacapa Centenario, respectively.

 Flavored Rum: Some manufacturers have begun to sell Rums, which they have infused with flavors of fruits such as Mango, Orange, Citrus, Coconut, Lime and many other flavors. These are commonly used for tropical themed libations which comprise themselves of less than 40% alcohol. These are also sometimes preferred to consumed neat or on the rocks.
Overproff Rum is one in which the standard 40% has been increased to 60 or sometimes 80% alcohol.  

These are great for both strong drinks, desserts requiring being Flambe or drinks needing to be set on fire before consuming to evoke a completely different flavor than originally created.
Premium Rums are similar to Cognacs and Scotches whereas the market exists for both Premium and Super Premium Rums. These are created by boutique brands, which sell for generally a higher price and contain much more delicately handled products aged in finer casks with premium ingredients for maximum flavor upon consumption.

Take your time and explore all of the possiblities out their when it comes to consuming Rum or any liquor for that matter. Not everyone feels the same way about every brand and luckily there are enough events that take place in life that a drink goes perfectly with, eventually you too will find the brand that works for you.
Our notable mentions are : Bacardi, Appleton Estate and 10 Cane.

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