Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#FoodHolidays - National GumDrop Day

Today is National Gumdrop Day. Take two minutes and get a box, then think back about all the years you spent eating stuff, that later in life you probably wouldn't touch with someone else's hands.

But what really needs to be spoken on is the fact that many of the classics my generation grew up eating, have fallen by the wayside and cant seem to gain any momentum to get back to top shelf of the candy aisle. Long gone of the days of such classics as:
Button Candy, something I remember eating like it was going out of style, even if it might have been glued to a piece of paper.

But we must admit it, that long gone are the hay-days for some of the most classic candy anyone could ever imagine eating.
With everything going in the direction of the health and political correctness, numerous staples that we all once enjoyed are all but a distant memory.
Cherry Clans had to be renamed because cats just weren't feeling the Racial Tones. Can't say as I blame them, Lord knows I sure wouldn't cop a box of candy if they were called "Yarmulke Heads"

Old Alexander The Grape, never stood a chance, he had to become simply A Grape Head.

So today, take a moment and hit up your local .99 cent spot and enjoy all the good old fashioned candy you don't even take time to remember anymore.
It is a National holiday, after all.

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