Monday, May 24, 2010

To-Go Ware. A Brand Inspired By Saving Our Planet.

Current day dilemmas such as the lack of space for safe landfills, little to no uplifting employment, and even less resources and or money are causing people to be forced to rethink their approach to each and every meal they wish to digest.

But what about the people who have to eat on the go daily, with meals they have prepared at home? Not everyone can afford to eat out daily when they are barely making enough to cover their bills right? But then lets face it, no one wants to the guy or girl who is seen shuffling in multiple plastic wrapped plates with a bag of clanging silverware daily into the office every single day. 

And do we really need to speak about how the responsible adult in all of us, should not continue to allow ourselves to throw away millions of pounds of plastic cups, silverware and paper plates daily?

Any product that can relieve stress or wear and tear from your body when performing as it should, deserves some recognition. But when a product can do all that and still be harmless towards Mother Earth when its tour of duty is done, well that is when that product earns some extra attention.
Introducing, To-Go Ware innovators of some of the flyest, most durable and sensible culinary products to help answer many of the questions and problems that food storage and silverware have created.
Not to mention that their products can also look fashionable while doing so, brings to mind the question how could they lose?
Aimed at reducing the ever increasing footprint or in this case “Fork print” being left behind from the abundance of on the go eating the world is doing, To-Go Ware is introducing RePEat, a reusable fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks set made out of highly durable and easily sustainable Bamboo.
Perfect for any friend who has gone green or someone who needs to get their act in order, these easily carried products are available in various sets (including both what items you may wish to include and what case you want to carry them in) ranging from $5.95 – to $54.95 for the family pack.

Step your eco-friendly repertoire up by owning these and any of the other ingenious products offered by To-Go Ware such as the 3 Tiered Stainless Steel Tiffin Set which can more than handle a 3 course meal, and accompanying sauces, or whatever else you may need for a days outing with your loved ones.

Easily snapping together with its self latching top container, this multi level bundle of joy provides you with the joy of peace of mind when having to consider what essentials will be taken along for any journey out of the house.
Prices vary depending on the amount of containers you purchase and if you decide to also get the handy carrying case to further ease your struggles when say carrying all of your toys across a hot sandy beach or through the woods on a daytime picnic.
Check these and all of To-Go Wares amazing products out at

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