Monday, May 3, 2010

This Isn't Your Mothers Blender (But It Should Be Yours.)

Blenders these days are available in an abundance and are being built to serve a multitude of functions. Some are meant to merely chop and erase the hard work it takes to slice and dice a few items, while others are built to perform a wide range of culinary tricks that help enhance every single dish, drink and dessert they touch.
Creating perfect emulsifications, soups and smooth purees for one of the billions of dishes being made today in homes and restaurants around the globe, requires a solid piece of equipment that can perform time after time (without fail.)
Chef’s and bartenders alike know the name Vitamix® and now so should you.
For those of you who watch Iron Chef or any one of the other million or so cooking shows you may have noticed that 9 times out of 10 the Chefs are relying on this brand, simply because they work EVERYTIME.
Before now Vitamix® were a bit expensive for the average household to own because let’s face it how often does the typical household use a blender?
From the innovating leader in professional-grade blenders, the new Vitamix® Professional Series 500 enables you to dial up hundreds of healthy and delicious culinary masterpieces. 
This is the first Vitamix® model with three preprogrammed settings – Smoothies, Frozen Desserts and Hot Soups – to help home chefs make gourmet meals like the pros.

The Vitamix® Professional Series 500 was given the Gourmet Golds “Best of Show” award for overall product excellence at the 2009 Gourmet Housewares Show in San Francisco.
Adding a new pulse feature to an already versatile machine, the new Professional Series 500 is designed to give the user precise control over the texture and process of foods.
This new pulse feature can be used alone or in combination with either the preprogrammed settings, or the variable speed control, giving you the ability to grind, blend or process to your specific needs.

Variable speed controls are key to processing versatility, whether making immaculately created frozen libations or a flawless sorbet. The Professional Series 500 makes entertaining incredibly effortless.
The great thing is, that it takes the guessing out of a lot of work for the user. Once you have filled the container  with the desired ingredients, you can select the function you wish to perform, switch the machine on and when it is finished, it will shut itself off.
Built to perform more than one task this machine also helps to eliminate clutter on the counter by combining a few machines into one.

This multi-functional kitchen essential is equipped with a commercial-grade 2+ peak horsepower motor that generates blade speeds up to 240 mph. The 64-ounce, BPA-free container lets you puree soup for six, or grind just a tablespoon of peppercorns. The on/off switch, which is located at the bottom of the base, illuminates when the machine is turned on. 

The Professional Series 500 features an easy-to-clean brushed stainless finish on the base, which is fingerprint resistant.  
It has a suggested retail price of $599, and includes a Create Recipe Book with an easel-back design containing more than 350 gourmet chef-inspired recipes and an instructional DVD.
It also comes with a full 7-year warranty.  
Available at specialty and online retailers including Sur La Table
For more information, contact Vitamix® Corporation at

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