Sunday, April 11, 2010

GELPRO Quality Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Time well spent making anything of quality has to take its toll on you somehow, isn’t that how life goes?  Spending a lot of time in the kitchen has a tremendous effect on the knees and lower back (we wont get into the arms, wrists, shoulders and so on.)
Anyone who has spent some serious hours on the line or working in any aspect of the kitchen brigade knows that a good pair of shoes and some quality flooring are crucial when pulling double shifts day after day. But to have some soft floors, you must be prepared for having to work twice as hard to clean the stains and messes created throughout the day. What a conundrum to overcome.

In steps GELPRO, makers of the original gel filled anti fatigue floor mat. These mats are great for ANYONE, especially those who suffer from lower back, foot, ankle or arthritis pain.
We put the mat through a couple of different tests for 2 weeks and found that there was indeed a relieved amount of tension of the knees and back of each member involved in the tests.

When you go to the extremes the test kitchens go through daily, it is nice to have a product that is easily cleaned after being stepped, spilled and splashed on multiple times a day.

Available in over 200 different colors and fabrics these mats are something to have in every household and in multiple rooms to be honest. They aren’t just for the kitchen. They provide sturdy grip on flooring surfaces that tend to be slick and unstable when damp and can be easily moved when needed elsewhere, to be cleaned.

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