Monday, April 5, 2010

Bella Pepper All Natural Sauces

I don't know what is is about The Supreme Plate and our quest to consume some of the hottest sauces on the face of this Earth. I caught a few reviews on other various media outlets about Bella Pepper and the different types of marinades and finishing sauces they produce and was quite impressed. Then it just so happened that we received our very own package of their Bella Diavolo Extreme Heat & Bella Forte Hot sauces and we figured it was time to bust out some Fajitas and test out their products.

Starting off with the Bella Forte Hot sauce we tried it out first as a marinade on our Chicken Fajitas and found it left the food with such an astoundingly concentrated heat that, you would hopefully get from such a wonderfully designed package.

The Chile De Arbol really shines as opposed to overpowering like customers tend to think when seeing such bright red sauces. This isn't a thick sauce which is great when using as a marinade or as they suggest in a bloody mary.

Following up that test with some fresh shrimp fajitas we used the Bella Diavolo Extreme Heat as a a dipping sauce that was just about as good as it gets. Dark, smokey flavors came out of the shrimp like it had sat in a smoker before hitting the plate which were perfectly coupled with the roasted sweet corn.

You can tell the folks over at Bella Gourmet Sauces have spent many hours testing their products before releasing them. None of these sauces are weak in any category and by far do they blow away your average store bought brands.
Look them up on online and please be prepared to have your taste buds awakened instantly.
Rumor has it they are going to be releasing a line of spreads and spiced salts which can't be bad at all if it follows suit with these fine products.

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