Monday, April 9, 2012

Biscayne Steak, Sea & Wine, Brings South Beach To Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Oftentimes when people wax the philosophical about what great spots they have vacated too or what fascinates them, you will be told about a dining location that one must not miss out on. Food and its supernatural powers can either make or break an entire trip. How many times have you heard someone return from a vacation to hear, everything was great but the food was horrible. Let us put it bluntly, when the food sucks, everything from that point on might as well not even have happened.

The city of Las Vegas knows this fact and that is why they have become the ultimate dining hotspot within the last decade. The Gastronomical /Culinary crazed monster that has overtaken the World is leaving an incredible mark in the hearts and stomachs of millions of people night after night in the city where anything goes and for the right price anything can be had.

And with that thought in mind the Tropicana Las Vegas, brings to you a taste of South Beach by way of their newest restaurant “Biscayne Steak, Sea & Wine” which is just the tip of the iceberg in their $165m transformation of the property. With Biscayne, the hotel had hoped to capture the classic elegance and seduction that is found in South Beach, especially in its amazingly flavorful drinks & cuisine and believe us they did more than capture it they are proudly displaying their love of it.

Biscayne is set in a relaxed environment that evokes a feeling of being on the beach where all one should desire to do is consume killer libations and delicious award winning food. Serving up the classics such as Prime Steaks, Chops and a selection of Safe Harbor certified fresh Seafood Dishes the restaurant is sure to have something to please everyone. Especially those fond of a perfectly executed, tropical themed patisserie via Executive Pastry Chef Meeghan Lancaster (Formerly of Daniel Boulud Brasserie at Wynn las Vegas.)

While many of us may long for the days where the men donned fancy suits and every lady carried herself with class and dignity, we now live in a world where reality TV has taken away our sense of style and grace. The Tropicana still holds true to the virtues they were founded on many years ago and with something as delightful as Biscayne producing the delectable dishes they are producing, I still feel that old school Vegas vibe is still alive.

This restaurant, its staff and everyone who had a hand in making it come to fruition should take a step back and applaud themselves, because this is what Las Vegas is supposed to be like.
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