Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cabo San Lucas, A Place To Lose Yourself & Love It

Cabo San Lucas, is the kind of place you can find yourself easily getting lost in. Not in any negative sense of the statement, more so what we mean is Cabo is the kind of place you Would Want to get lost in. Cabo is beautiful simply because of the array of cultures that come together every day on its shores to be amazed by its astounding landscapes. 
From the local restaurants making the food that is greatly responsible for creating the California fusion craze, down to the local shops making traditional clothing, Cabo San Lucas is a place to lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time.

We recently were in Cabo for sadly only a limited amount of time, while taking acruise through various ports on a Carnival Cruise. Having only a few hoursusually means you have to either do the tourist thing or find a place to eat and get back to the boat. In Cabo that is not that case as so many wonderful things to do are all possible as soon as you touch down on the land. From horseback rides and catamaran tours to fine dining and great shopping, a cab ride is almost not needed because everything is so close.

We chose to eat at the famous Lorenzillos Live Lobster House (in operation since1863) and we couldn’t have been happier. Huge, fresh lobsters are on display for your to choose from or just stare at / take pictures with. Not only is Lorenzillos famous for their lobster and shellfish dishes, they also make one of the meanest yellow fin tuna steaks (served over a pink peppercorn and cognac reduction, known as the “Henry Morgan.”)
After we ate a few plates of lobster croquettes and Bruja Del Mar (Angus Steak stuffed with shrimp & lobster, topped with Bearnaise Sauce) we had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant to go find a bar and have a few drinks.

We quickly stumbled upon Squid Roe, where we had more rum & cokes and freezin gcold Patron shots than we could count. It’s funny cause in bars in the States,yeah the goal is to make money off of the customer, but bar staff can sometimes have hilarious egos, but in Cabo, the staff all seem like they really just wanna chill with the customers, because if your having a great time, so are they.
That is unless you go in with a nasty attitude and in that case you wil quickly see where that gets you.
With a bit of time left to do some shopping (get your haggle on, its all part of the great game of life) we picked up some beautiful handmade choncletas, dresses and things of that nature for our loved ones as well as some great tequilas to take back on the ship.

All in all Cabo San Lucas is the type of place you could vacate too frequently or even retire too. Take our word for it, make a few phone calls before you arrive and see how friendly everyone is. 

 By saving the amount of time we did getting around in town, we were able to provide ourselves with a bit of real rest & relaxation by hitting up ME by MELIƃ Cabo (ME Cabo for short).
Now for those of you not in the know, ME Cabo is one of those places you simply must hit up in this lifetime, it would be like taking one trip to New York and not riding a subway, seeing The Statue of Liberty or going to Manhattan, (a sin of sins.) We had about 3 hours to kill, so we figured why not go and sip on exotic drinks while lounging poolside taking in the amazing weather.
We were able to get a cabana and consume enough libations (trust us even if you hate mojitos, you will fall in love with one of the many they have on their menu) and get enough Sun that we almost didn't want to go back to the ship.

ME Cabo or to put it better Nikki Beach is like the Sunset Strip & South Beachall rolled into one big show. Honeymooning couples looking to really start off their marriage right, college grads looking for a party worthy of bragging about or the couple in search of the love they have no time to tend too because life won’t allow it, all need to make reservations immediately at ME Cabo.

Nikki beach is great because they invite the party to them instead of pushing away the vibe that overcomes you as soon as you touch down in Cabo. Every night could be something different from their amazing White Parties, Tequila Parties, St. Patrick's Day Parties to whatever the day may be, they are ready to celebrate and do so with class.

Just look at the photos and understand why we sound like little school girls talking about Justin Bieber, the place is amazing in every aspect you could imagine and from the looks of it, isn’t looking to lose that label anytime soon.

Formore info check out the incredibly helpful: www.VisitLosCabos.Travel

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