Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Lasonic I931 Boombox, A Blast From The Past

Everyone loves music. If you were to say that you didn’t love music I would ask that you quietly leave the room and never return for you have no soul. Seriously, music is what makes the world go around. From calming tense situations to sparking a memory of moments long gone but yet still remembered dearly in the heart, music is more than just notes and melodies.

Why do you continuously see inventions designed to keep your desired form of music player close at hand, playing at incredibly loud levels, because everyone knows how important music is.
With that said who remembers the 1980’s where Boomboxes ruled the world and the bigger your box, the stronger your street cred, that is until you new jacks came around frontin like you were something to be dealt with and got your sounds taken and possibly your jaw broken. 

Everyone remembers the famous scene in Do The Right Thing where Radio Raheem shut down the Puerto Rican kids and their miniscule boombox from then on for a lot of people in this world it was a Love or Hate relationship with Boomboxes.

We’ll leave all that back in the 80’s and bring you up to speed, no longer do people play cassette tapes, they use sleek mp3 players, such as the iPod which just happens to fit perfectly into today’s product of the moment. The Lasonic I931 is the throwback to the golden era of Hip Hop and street life that we all have been waiting for. With crispy clean sound no matter how loud you turn it up, you just can’t help but feel like the Man (or Woman) on the block when you bust this thing out and put its array of pre set EQ’s to use and as we used to Co’ rock the party. From inside the bedroom, garage, kitchen or even out back at a poolside function the I931 has more than enough power to keep things moving along without a hitch and with the ability to on batteries or DC current youll never find yourself at a loss for sounds, that is unless they don’t carry 20 D’ Enegergizers at your local liquor store.

Whatever you do, go out and check this thing out and prepare to be taken back to a much better time in life. We are going to be doing our annual Road Trippin' series and taking this things with us to Mexico, so be prepared for a full review soon.

For more information on the Lasonic I931 and all the other amazing products they produce check out their website: www.Lasonic.com


  1. That right there takes me back to breakdancing on venice beach in the early 80s. I remember seeing ice t pull up in a burgundy porsche sounds blasting lookin like a movie star. I'm buying one soon as I get I my check. Thanks Cheeba 4 the info / Review.


  2. I've heard they sound good and aren't heavy.

    Adrian Galvados
    H-Town TX