Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nike SW x Koi Fusion = Destroyer Burrito

This is a great example of Co-branded marketing that makes sense. Many years before the shoe collecting craze broke out, select individuals from around the globe were making some seriously hard to top co-branded pieces of apparel and footwear.  Hundreds of millions were being dumped into shore stores and pay-pal accounts just so someone could be seen with the latest and most sought after shoes on their feet.
Today although the thought process behind what Co-Brands are being made has somewhat deepened, it almost feels not as organic as it used too in certain instances.
None the less progression is what we are all about and enjoying what comes of the future is what you should be thinking about as well.
Low key, for those that haven't thought about it, even the most un-hip individuals can become popular just by being at the right moment or being connected to the world via whatever form of Social Media they may use.
This video should prove to you, that a bit of attention paid to all the thousands of messages we receive daily could truly provide a bit of unexpected joy in our lives.
Food For Thought.

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