Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flavorstorm. The Finest Flavored Sugars, Smoked Peppercorns & Spices

Good cooking is about knowing your ingredients and what flavors go together, essentially. The knack for picking flavors and combining them to create some of the most illustrious flavors found on Earth is amazing. But for the rest of the world, who if it weren’t for instructions, recipes and websites such as ours, wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between pink peppercorns and curry powder, gaining that enhanced palate takes time and patience.

I am not saying this to insult anyone by any means. I believe that in most cases, when people don’t know what they are eating, they tend to enjoy it more, because of the mystery factor, myself included. But now with the help of Flavorstorm and their Natural Flavoring Innovations, everyone under the Sun can experience clean, fresh and most importantly natural flavor enhancing salts, spices and sugars such as the amazingly incredible tasting Lemon Sugar which blew our minds when we Bruleed a few dashes atop of our Supreme Lemon Bars yesterday.

It comes as no surprise to us that when a company takes the time to search out the freshest ingredients and cleanest methods to make a product, tht the results are astounding. Flavorstorm,  potentially could corner the market with their spices, salts and flavor blends simply because they are affordable, innovative with the flavors they create and methodically packaged to appeal to the customer.

Nothing says pick me up and try me out, like clean easy to read labels, that don't overload the consumer with too much info to take in upon a quick glance. Flavorstorm's no gimmicks approach to sensical ideas is abundantly apparent in

Check back with us over the next few weeks daily to see our “Flavorstorm Flavor Enhancer Of The Week.” But more importantly take a look at their website and all the wonderful flavors they have to offer, whether you’re a home cook or a restaurant Chef, Flavorstorm has all the bases covered when it comes to adding a little enhancement to your meal, Flavorstorm.Com


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  1. I am so glad you chose to feature these products, I absolutely love them and am glad they are getting the recognition they deserve! The flavor combinations are unexpected and incredible; I have been using habanero sugar on grilled white fish and love the combination of spice and sweet to seafood. Guaranteed that you and your family have never experienced anything quite like it - really one-of-a-kind!