Thursday, May 30, 2013

De La Soul w/ The Spirit of Wu Tang - Get Away (Video)

I need not speak on how incredible a group like De La Soul is, or how instruental they have been in many peoples lives. It goes without saying that they broke the mold with their “Hip Hop Hippy” vibes and style of dress as well as their non hardcore approach to creating songs that have done more than withstand the test of time. De La Soul, for those that don’t know have been around for over 20 years, making music that knows no limits and takes no prisoners. True indeed they never aspired to be the most thuggish rappers alive, nor did they sell dope to kids and prance around like comical pimps in their videos. De La Soul did what needed to be done, they made DOPE music that spoke for itself. Plugs Won, Two & Three aka Trugoy The Dove, Pos Dnous & Dj Maseo were very influential in my younger years and every time I have seen them perform they never fail to impress and put on an energetic, hyped show. I can say without any hesitation I Love This Group, and this song right here goes to show that they don’t gimmicks to make you pay attention.
Featuring the original intro from the highly acclaimed Wu Tang Clan’s “Wu Tang Forever” De La’s  whole new approach to the strings and words of The Rza & Gza take flight in a whole new direction, which couldn't have come at a better time for an older head such as myself.

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