Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rao's Heads West & Prepares To Take Over Hollywood

For the last 100+ years in East Harlem, a restaurant known for its notorious clientele (and the fact it only seats 10) has been putting out some of the most incredible & traditional Southern Neapolitan meals one could ever imagine eating. And imaging eating their food is most likely what you would do, simply because its nearly impossible for you to get a table there unless your name holds weight in the streets or your willing to shell out a few thousand bucks before you even sit down.

Last year reports began to surface that the Pellegrino family were going to be heading out West and we can proudly say those reports are true. Rao’s will in fact be heading West and taking over the location that used to house The Hollywood Canteen on Seward. As of now no one has been named Executive Chef, but that won’t be for long we can only assume. Do yourself a favor and research the original location in East Harlem, read about their celebrity customers who more often than not, wouldn’t even tell you the place existed strictly because they are a “tight knit community” of sorts.
If you haven’t been able to read between the lines, Rao’s is infamous for serving traditional dishes to some of the most legendary figures to ever emerge from the Mafia.


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