Friday, September 7, 2012

Bouchon Bakery, a Must Own Cookbook.

Cookbooks for some are like prized possessions that they would be lost without. The obsessive desire to perfect something is something many of us have felt, quite a few a times in our lives (that is if your living life correctly.) Whether it be surfing, painting, playing a melody or creating a dish, the desire for perfection sometimes consumes people to the point of breaking their sanity. This rings especially true in the world of foodies who live to recreate the feeling they experienced the very moment they took the first bite of a dish they would no longer be able to live without. In some cases Cookbooks play a major part in helping a foodie deal with their obsession, but what about those restaurants who create moments of paradise that no one else can seem to master? What happens when a restaurant refuses to serve up the secrets from inside its kitchen, and there is no way to get that one life altering treat anywhere else?

Well if you have ever been to any of the 5 Bouchon Bakery locations across America, you may have felt this way before, bt have no fear, for on October 23rd, Thomas Kellers fifth book, Bouchon bakery will be made available to the public. The masterminds behinds the kitchens at Bouchon promise to deliver the exact same recipes that they use to create such inspiring dishes as their Macaroons, Croissants and the World Famous TKO, which is Thomas Kellers take on the Oreo (Thomas Keller Oreo.)
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You can pre-order the book on Amazon and have it delivered the day it hits the shelves or slide on over to your local bookstore and cop it firsthand to avoid any shipping charges.
Whatever you decide to do, get this book, this is a must have for all of those people who say the utterly insane words “I love to Cook but I hate to Bake,” that is usually because they don’t know how or haven’t ever been given a recipe worth re-creating.

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