Monday, April 25, 2011

Southern California Cadillac Fest

Over Easter weekend in Irvine, CA, the first ever "Cadillac Fest" was held, for Cadillac lovers, owners and enthusiasts to come out and check out each others cars, in support of a good cause "The Social Responsibility Project." 
First and foremost, huge amounts of respect and props have to be thrown in the direction of Mr. Cadillac Connect himself, for putting together an amazing event that showcased how dedicated, driven and detailed peoples minds can be when it comes to hooking up their cars. 
California without a doubt cannot be touched when it comes to cars, let alone lowriders and old schools. The event went off without one problem, other than the park being filled to capacity and having the gates closed for a few hours. Over 60 cars, from multiple car clubs such as: Majestics, WestSide, High Class, Delegation, GoodTimes, came out to represent that CADILLAC Lifestyle.
Check out all the photos after the break and for more on a few of these cars, check back often, were going to be running a few stories on some of these amazing vehicles and the dedication it took to pull them off.
Thanks to everyone for coming out, supporting the cause and eating up all those chili dogs.

More Photos To Come...

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