Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck who's gonna win the Superbowl, Whats cookin in the kitchen is the question at hand.

The Superbowl to me is more than just a football game between some overly paid muh fuckas, its about good good food, comedic commercials, great drinks with a few friends and some classic shit talking. Yeah I do occasionally catch a few plays and say "oh shit" here and there, I mean lets face it, I couldnt do none of that shit on the field except a few of the touchdown dances so its all talent, but I am interested in chillin with my peoples and eating some bomb grub.

Tomorrows menu as of now is gonna consist of:
Baby Back Ribs
Mac n Cheese
Fried shrimp
Hot Wings
Libations by the boat load
Fudge brownies
maybe some lemon jello cake and another gang of drinks.

(more menu items to be added as I think of them)

Let the countdown begin...

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